I wrote about sports because i love to play sports. My favorite sport will show up big and the ones i like to play but are not my favorite will be smaller than the one i like the best. One of the sports i play is basketball i have a lot of players that i like in basketball. The next sport is soccer that is my third favorite sport it is my third favorite sport because i like running that is why this is my third favorite. And my first favorite sport is rugby.

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2 Lovely Faces !


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I chose to write about cheetahs because they are one of my favorite animals. I saw a baby Cheetah at the zoo.

The Cheetah can run as fast as 68 to 75 mph, faster than any other animal. It covers distance up to 500 m in a short time, and can  go from 0 to 60 mph in 3 second. One of there closest living relatives being the pumas and jaguars. the Cheetah is poorly equipped to defend itself against other large predators, with speed being its main  means of defense.